Stritih Sustainable Development Consulting

We are a family business providing consulting services in the field of sustainable development at the international, national and local levels.

Our main clients are international organisations and larger consultancies, with whom we team up to deliver larger scale projects. Our core competencies are in the fields of environmental policy instruments, nature conservation, climate change, forestry and community development.

Sustainable development, including its environmental, social and economic dimensions, is the key challenge for humanity in the 21st century. Unless we find a new balance with nature, the achievements of our civilisation and the quality of life of future generations may be seriously diminished. In order to find the balance, we should focus less on the damage and threats, and more on the solutions and objectives to be achieved, such as the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Our positive vision of sustainable development is rooted in the tradition of the Central European close-to-nature forestry, which is one of the oldest successful professional approaches to securing sustainability. We are inspired by the mountain ecosystems and the culture of the Alps, including traditional land use practices, technologies and community organisation, as well as the outdoor sports such as mountaineering, kayaking and camping.

A key lesson we take from this mountain culture is that objectives can only be achieved through communal effort, with each community member understanding and fulfilling their responsibilities. We successfully apply this approach at different levels together with our clients, beneficiaries of our services and business partners, by creating a common understanding and inviting the relevant stakeholders to play their role.